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At 21 Business Tycoon, Reza Abbaszadeh is setting a high standard for all the entrepreneurs worldwide.

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We have seen a surge of new entrepreneurs around the globe from the past decade or so, with technology, our world has become smaller, and people are about to reach more people worldwide.

We have seen a surge of new entrepreneurs around the globe from the past decade or so, with technology, our world has become smaller, and people are about to reach more people worldwide.

Reza Abbaszadeh, a rising star who is born in Iran, is shining high in the business world. In the new list of Entrepreneur under 25, Reza Abbaszadeh easily comes in the top five list. In Iran, he has already received the youngest entrepreneur award many times.

At 21, this young Entrepreneur is running multiple businesses with his businesses we are seeing all now Abbaszadeh Capital. His Brand is expanding from south Asia to the US, UK and other places.

He has come a long way from his mediocre days. With Abbaszadeh capital, he is running more than nine companies, and now all set to invest in real estate Dubai. He is the youngest Entrepreneur and business tycoon from Iran, who is investing in Dubai Real estate business.

Reza is also a sales and success coach, business strategist, marketer, business owner, real estate investor, a leading trainer and motivational speaker.

His rise to fortune and fame met many obstacles. Yet, his perseverance and devotion to making a deal let him be the business tycoon he is today at a very young age Especially he is expanding his investment circle from Europe to Uk and United Arab Empire.

Before the age of 20, Abbaszadeh embarked his entrepreneurial success story by buying and reselling luxury clothes, while also completing his first real estate deal.

Abbaszadeh, who had no capital at the time; intelligently started his e-commerce with no money down. This experience encouraged him to continue investing in the fashion clothing industry to give reselling affiliates throughout Europe.

In 2018 Abbaszadeh Capital raised funds around 100 million dollars different fields of investments like real estate, furthermore, Abbaszadeh Capital is about to finance a business training university to offer magical methods of business industries as Abbaszadeh University in 2020.

His fast-growing fortune nominated him as The youngest Iranian Businessman in 2019.

Very few at 21 can work so prominent in the real estate world. Looking at Reza’s progress, we feel he is undoubtedly the next real estate Mogul of London, Dubai and Europe.

Abbaszadeh consults for multiple Fortune 9 investment banking companies worldwide as well as operating the transactions of investments

Reza Abbaszadeh’s BaxBeauty:

Reza Abbaszadeh also wanted to try social media, and he is not waiting for it. Already started to work on BaxBeauty.

BaxBeauty is the only social media platform dedicated solely to the art of style and beauty. BaxBeauty is the house of hairstyle, and makeup Inspiration along with plastic operation offers a free portfolio profile to cosmetic doctors, clinics, salons, stylists, cosmetic and perfume stores, models and all fashion product providers who are encouraged to upload their masterpieces and services while expanding their audience through our robust marketing features worldwide to grow their businesses.

Reza is an inspirational personality who we feel set many records on his name, not only that lots of bank balance, property and humongous title as Brand.

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