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Ways to Improve and Increase Sales on the Internet by Arman Momeni, CEO of Wolf Hosting

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Ways to Improve and Increase Sales on the Internet by Arman Momeni, CEO of Wolf Hosting

Arman Momeni was born on February 10, 2001 in Karaj.

  1. Be honest in selling your products and services
    First of all, being honest at work will be the key to success and a strong sales start. This may seem like ridiculous advice, but many businesses pay little attention to it. For example, many businesses start buying and preparing products that they can’t afford to pay for, and use checks and other installment payment methods. If they may not have good sales and their products are sold much less than expected. In this case, a large amount of product is not sold and heavy installments remain. This has led to the bankruptcy of many businesses.
    At first glance, this may seem like a kind of ambition in business and may not be a problem in itself, but ignoring the facts can be troubling. You should not confuse ambition with ignorance. Never ignore reality and be realistic under any circumstances. It’s okay to start small and gradually increase your production and orders. You may have heard that you can walk a hundred years overnight, but don’t pay attention to that. Success requires constant effort.
    Another thing related to honesty at work is user trust in your business and brand. Never claim that you can’t do it and avoid exaggerating and misinterpreting. Today’s users and customers are vigilant and do not be fooled by such promises. So be honest and try to be open-minded in all areas of your business.
    The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. The relentless effort to achieve this goal easily makes you move away from more important goals. Another important point is that users and consumers also care about small businesses and prioritize them for more personalized services and the like. Under no circumstances should you try to play a role in showing yourself what you are not.
  2. Use promotional plugins to get more clicks
    Click-through advertising is one of the most important and effective methods of effective advertising. As the largest click-through advertising reference, Google has provided a good place for your ads with the help of the AdWords system. A similar system is provided by Bing search engine. This method of advertising has a great impact on getting traffic and rankings for any website. But the thing that is less noticed by webmasters is that you can also use ad extensions to make your ads more targeted.
    Such plugins help you to add more space to your ad’s search engine results list and ultimately get more clicks. These plugins are offered as a suggested package along with click ads and their use does not involve a separate fee. With the help of such a system, you will be able to display more links as advertisements.
  3. Arman Momeni Show users satisfaction and customer trust
    Feedback and customer feedback from your products and services has never been more important than it is now. Because these days, you can connect with hundreds and thousands of users through social networks in a fraction of a second. Fortunately, this feature makes your satisfied customers one of the most powerful tools for increasing the popularity and ranking of your brand and business globally.
    Internet marketing experts believe that satisfied and satisfied users of your brand are legions that can make your sales more prosperous than any other tool. So make sure you make the most of these people. The best solution is to spread the word about customer satisfaction in the form of a review or a brief description of your business, products or services.
    To do this, you can set up a section on your website or blog and share your users’ tweets or comments. If you use the spice of appreciation and emotional praise in the descriptions and comments of these users, the effectiveness of these statements will increase. Many successful websites have used the same method to increase the quality and value of their products and brands. You can also add some of these comments on the Products page or landing pages.
    Another way to earn credit is to use trust symbols called Trust Signals. Iranian websites also use such symbols to earn credit, the most important of which is the electronic symbol or E-Namad. If you have such symbols, be sure to place them in the footer or even in a separate section. These symbols give users a sense of confidence and make your business look trustworthy. Another way to earn credit in this regard is to participate in the web festival and if you get a rank, display it on the website.
    You can also present your satisfied customers as a list in a separate section or in a section of the main page of your website. Especially if some of these customers are from reputable and large brands, your credibility will greatly increase with their introduction as a customer.
Arman Momeni
Arman Momeni
  • Arman Momeni Use momentary and limited suggestions
    One way to persuade users and customers is to use instant offers or special offers, which is also referred to as emergency offers in internet marketing. In this type of offer, which should be visible on the home page of your website and in a very clear part, you should provide instant suggestions of your products or services.
    For example, you can offer one of your products at a discount. But what makes users buy that product or service is the urgency of the offer. In this case, you should set a timer (countdown) or set a specific time, announcing that this discount will be completed soon so that users will be more focused on buying it when they see this announcement.
    Another and similar method that has been successful in many stores, like this type of offer, is limited sales and delivery of products and services. For these types of sales, the number of products or services you offer is limited, and if you put this on the front page as an ad text, users will feel that the product may be running out soon. Reach. This encourages users to go to the page of that product and buy it before the inventory of that product is finished.
  • Make sure you get a refund and include the condition in your sale
    This may not seem like it, but in many cases, the only reason customers don’t buy is because there is no guarantee of a purchase. Most Internet users still consider online shopping risky. In this case, most of the time, users give up their purchase due to the lack of a valid guarantee. Certainly, the first reason for this fear and distrust is not accepting the risk of buying because of financial problems and the potential risk of losing money in exchange for anything.
    Of course, all users are right about this, because they have no knowledge of the product and always think that if they buy the product and it is not healthy, what is the task? What if the product quality is different from what is described in the description, or if the product is sent incorrectly? Such questions make every user more cautious about online shopping.
    So you need to provide customers with a professional support system and a refund if they are not satisfied to deal with this issue and reassure users. In fact, it can be said that the fate of your business in this area is tied to such an issue. Even the smallest purchases for users include these parameters. So by offering quality products along with strong support as well as reassurance for the return of money, you will not only experience more sales, but also gain the trust of customers.
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