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Parisa Nasri,Iranian psychology coach

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Parisa Nasri (born 30 December 1982 in Tehran) is an Iranian womens psychology and coach.

Parisa Nasri (born 30 December 1982 in Tehran) is an Iranian womens psychology and coach.

a look at the life of Parisa Nasri

Master of Science in Psychology. prisa nasri born in Tehran and in Yousefabad neighborhood.

parisa nasri born into a family of six and learned to read and write completely from his older sister before he went to school at the age of five.

parisa nasri very intelligent and interested in learning, and this was the reason why at the age of 9 he learned the geographical location and the type of culture of the peoples of the world and was very interested in the social and political issues of the societies.

His golden age dates back to 2008 with Mohsen Teymouri.

Parisa Nasri started her golden age with this man and completed her master’s degree and is continuing her doctoral studies.

Holding large seminars for women all over Iran and writing various educational books during this period became popular.

Parisa Nasri,Iranian psychology coach

It took months and years to research and study women’s issues and achieve extraordinary results in education.


Award winner of the Statue of Peace and Thanksgiving of the Second National Congress of Successful Women of Iran.

Award-winning business pioneers from the University of Tehran.

Holder of an International Degree in Selection Theory from the William Glaser Institute in Australia.

She has a coaching degree in life skills from the center approved by the Ministry of Science and Research.

Has numerous documents in the field of marital relations.

Holding more than 1000 seminars in the field of women’s empowerment to the speaker and teacher.

Training more than 100,000 Iranian women around the world through face-to-face and non-face-to-face training.

Parisa Nasri’s activities in the field of cyberspace are also very extensive and she is present in almost all channels and networks of cyberspace and is busy presenting trainings.

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