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Ali Haji mohammadi,Digital Marketing

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Ali Haji mohammadi (born 2 april 1992 in Qazvin) is anDigital Marketing Instructor.

Ali Haji mohammadi (born 2 april 1992 in Qazvin) is anDigital Marketing Instructor.


Ali Haji Mohammadi was born into a cultural family.

After seven years, they went to Isfahan with their family.

Ali started earning money as a freelancer as a teenager.

From the age of 19, Vaz began to learn everything that worked for him in earning money from the Internet.

In 2010, he went to the University of Metallurgy, majoring in Materials Engineering, but dropped out after a few semesters due to lack of interest, and continued his studies in Information Technology, majoring in e-commerce.

He has established various startups in Iran, the most famous of which have been Academy Partners and WordPress Partners.

Ali Haji Mohammadi is a young entrepreneur and one of the most active people in the field of startups in Iran.

And Ali has been able to make many Iranians have an online and modern business with his training so far.

One of the honors that Ali has won is that he has one of the best Instagram pages in the field of education.

And the most important part that we can mention about this business is that Ali has gained experience not only on Instagram but also in many different social networks and is now teaching as a real digital maker.

Ali Haji mohammadi,Digital Marketing Instructor


WordPress Assistant.

CEO Veris Heath CEO Atlas Technologists.

Member of the Board of Innovators of the Third Millennium.

Honors and awards

Ali’s startups have repeatedly won Iranian web and mobile festivals.

His greatest honor is that through his WordPress and Instagram training, he has been able to create a modern and lucrative job for more than 200,000 people in Iran.

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